Viper Filters


Why should an air Filter be replaced?

A clogged air filter means restriction of air flow to the engine - negatively affecting its performance. For every gallon of gasoline burned, an engine takes in about 9,000 gallons of air, which contains abrasive dust that may end up in the oil and cause damage. A clean air filter removes abrasive dust, insects and leaves from the air before it enters the engine. These contaminants cause excessive wear to moving parts. By allowing the correct mixture of air and fuel, a clean air filter will provide maximum gas mileage and better engine performance.

What are the benefits of air filter replacement?

Increased fuel economy and decreased operating costs. Prolonged, trouble free engine life. Maintenance of engine performance.

How often should an air filter be replaced?

While most car manufacturers' recommendations vary, based on your driving conditions, Tec recommends the air filter be changed when it is no longer translucent or appears dirty.